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Driftless | adjective

drift·less | \ ˈdriftlə̇s \

Definition of Driftless:

1: having no aim or direction : being without purpose to the rookie, military directives seem driftless

2: free from glacial drift, a section driftless except for loess deposits

Driftless Area | noun

Definition of Driftless Area:  an area (as in Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa) that is free from glacial drift and seems not to have been covered by the Pleistocene ice

“Driftless.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 24 Aug. 2020.

I have lived my entire life in the Driftless Area, meaning that the two mile thick wall of ice never touched the lands I call home.  This land is for the most part untouched, with the exception of agriculture and urban development, and it is ancient, with towering bluffs jetting out of the Mississippi River towering over the valleys below.  Beautiful as it is dangerous; walking the bluffs, can be fatal with one wrong step but the view is worth the risk.  I love this place, and I wanted to share pieces of it with all of you, cataloging it and posting it while hiking and exploring parts Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois, and hunting my way across the continent.  Join me in my quest for Ancient Lands, Untouched.

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